In-Home Care for Seniors: 6 Warning Signs

6 Signs to Watch For in Your Elderly Parents

Seniors face many challenges as they age. Here are six things to consider when seeking help for an in-home caregiver. At Best at Home Caregiving, we care for your loved ones in the comfort of their homes.

Everyone ages differently. While one person may feel physically and mentally young while living independently, another may need the support of others. Unfortunately, many seniors are unwilling to talk about their daily challenges. Likewise, your loved ones do not want you to be concerned about their mental and physical well-being. These feelings often stem from embarrassment, fear, or discomfort.

However, at some point, your loved ones need extra help from someone to perform daily tasks. Moving out of their homes is not an option for some seniors. In these cases, hiring in-home care is the best solution, allowing your loved ones to continue living in their home and receive the help they need.

Here are some signs to consider when deciding if your loved ones need in-home senior care.


Negligence in Appearance and Personality

Seniors may gradually stop taking care of themselves, regardless of how well they managed in the past. They may also lose interest in maintaining a good appearance.

Sometimes, older people forget to care for themselves after a certain point. You may notice these changes in hygiene, diet, weight, or how often they change their clothes. Unfortunately, these changes also show decreased functional and decision-making abilities. Take a private moment with them to discuss how they manage their daily routine.  

Messy home

Most elderly parents live separately from their children, requiring their adult children to regularly visit and check on their well-being and health. Unfortunately, dirty dishes, piles of unwashed laundry, general messiness, and mold growth indicate the house is overlooked. A home in this condition causes unwanted infections and degrades the household environment, affecting the health, safety, and happiness of your loved ones.


Pending Bill Payments

Being financially prepared for retirement is a crucial responsibility that helps seniors ensure they can afford the necessities of daily life. However, saving money only matters if your loved ones can pay the bills on time. Any delay in payment may result in suspending necessary services your loved one needs to live safely and comfortably.

In some cases, repeated late payment behavior may also indicate memory loss.

Knowing how to help a senior recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is challenging. So at Best at Home Caregiving, we put together some content to let you know what to expect at this stage.


Frequent Forgetfulness

Let’s face it, we all forget things from time to time. But repeatedly forgetting daily tasks, such as taking medications, missing appointments, and paying bills, leads to unwanted situations. An in-home caregiver can handle routine tasks and remind loved ones to keep up with their daily responsibilities.


Declining Health

Seniors can lose their strength as they get older. During your visit, check for any abnormal physical changes or bruises from a possible fall. An in-home caregiver attending to your loved one’s needs can help them maintain their health. The best in-home caregivers help aging parents prepare doctor-recommended meals to balance their health.


Losing Interest in Hobbies

Over time, your loved ones may lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. Hobbies such as painting, gardening, photography, reading, or driving may no longer capture their attention. In addition, older people want to be more relaxed rather than perform tasks requiring much physical movement or stress.


My Loved One is Showing These Signs. What’s Next?

If your loved ones show any or all of these signs, consider the level of care they need. Determine whether seniors require round-the-clock assistance or need a few hours of help each day. It is essential to understand their difficulties so you can discuss their needs with a care manager.

Do your parents need help with daily chores, meal preparation, or bathing assistance? These are the questions you should consider before hiring a caregiver.


Contact us at 844-544-2378. Our care managers will provide you with the plan you and your loved ones need. Then, based on your needs, we will provide you with the best in-home caregiver to care for and support your loved ones.